Saturday, December 29, 2012

When in doubt, drink more water

During the entirety of this pregnancy, all of my pregnant friends and I have had various ailments, braxton hicks, serious middle-of-the-night leg cramping, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation (TMI?), swelling of the everything, heartburn, dehydration, etc... Guess what? There is a miracle cure! Drink more water.

Today I am up before the butt-crack of dawn because I was caught lying on my back... which is bad for many reasons at this stage in pregnancy, but also means I am snoring. I am experiencing some tightening and a little bit of cramping this early morning so I thought I would do something productive. Now don't get your hopes up dear reader. I have found this means nothing at this hour. Well it does. It means I haven't had any water since 9 pm which means I need more water. And a little snack if I am being honest. (Bananas at 3 am may seem like a good idea, but maybe just stick with some cheese or cereal).

Anywho, newly expectant mama, Joanne, from Fabulously Average linked to this very blog on her Friday's Fab Five feature and so I was laying in bed thinking of all the helpful tips I could give about being pregnant and WATER is basically tip numero uno!  Every time I go to the doctor and tell them I have been having cramping or headaches they say, "Drink more water," or "Have you been drinking enough water?" At this point I am ready to hit them over the head with my large, heavy Nalgene bottle, which I fill and drink at least 3 of in a day! (Recommended amount: 64 oz)

Water is a lifesaver in many forms during pregnancy, I might add. Early in my pregnancy I swam a lot. It is highly recommended for exercise during pregnancy, so Pat bought me a little paddle board and I swam the weekends away. But, mostly because it was in the middle of summer and this AZ heat can take its toll on a pregnant body. I was never big enough to feel the effects of how awesome and pain relieving it can be for the joints. But, I can imagine. I even felt some of my first kicks from our little guy while I was in the pool. I think my little tyke liked the extra feeling of weightlessness that came when I floated around on my belly.

To feel a little bit of these effects now that it is too cold to be in the pool, I have taken a bath nearly every day this week. (Kept under 100 degrees mind you). I have never found a bath relaxing in my entire life until now. Usually I hate them. I hate getting pruney in hot water, but now, I wish I had a GINORMOUS tub that I could float in... but, my standard tub is doing the trick. My hips are relaxed, my back feels better. Even just for an hour, the relief that I am feeling is worth it. Not to mention the aromatherapy. I have been using Bath & Body Works Sleep Aroma Therapy and it is amazing. In fact, I may only have one more use out of it. But it really soothes the mind, and makes my whole house smells amazing.

I know there are mixed studies and beliefs about taking baths during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, so I also recommend talking to your Dr. about anything you may be concerned about.

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