Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To your health!

The new year fast is approaching, but I am not one to keep, or make for that matter, New Year Resolutions. We decided to jump the gun and, in a moment of feeling full of fat and grease, the Mr. and I decided to take ourselves to our local Lifetime Fitness and become members!

Now, this may be the most expensive gym in town, but I would say it is worth EVERY penny. Not only are the towels provided, but these towels are fluffy and white. Lockers are provided. Blow dryers are always available. And, dare I say it, they also provide girl products should you forget you already used the one at the bottom of your purse! And, they also provide amazing yoga classes and I promise, you can not join a Yoga Studio at this price.
We just want to feel better and have more energy. There is no reason to feel this dumpy during an AZ winter when mountains are calling our names! (and if the six pack abs come just to see the light of day, fine, they will be welcomed).
We are going to start eating healthily again and drink less alcohol. We are young, and strong, and awesome! and there is no reason we can't succeed! (Especially when my dad can run circles around us, not that he shouldn't be able to).

So, here we go, we have our sneakers on, and motivation in hand.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Day Date

The past month has been tough for the Haires, we have clipped coupons, eaten in, ate left overs and kept the A/C at the all time high temperature for low bills. Pat worked crazy amounts of overtime and I played housewife. So, with my new job starting Monday, we decided to celebrate... with a coupon. We did our morning chores (meaning I swept and Pat napped for 2 hours) and headed to our favorite spot in Phoenix! Postinos on Central.

We had our "e-posse" coupon for a free Bruschetta Board, and it is the only thing we get, unless it is brunch, in which case we order the Farm Scramble. I believe said Scramble is the perfect hang-over cure.
My darling husband and I sat on the patio, enjoyed the reggae musical selection and our  $5 afternoon libations. Pat had the Warsteiner Pilsner and I had the Ca Del Sarto Pinot Grigio which was fantastic. The hipsters we prevalent and the service was great, like always!

After another beverage each, we decided to walk it off down to our favorite Central stores and by the time we got to Smeeks, we needed another beverage. Pat had a Coca-Cola and I a Dr. Pepper.


It was a perfect November afternoon with the man I love.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescape: Trial Run

P-Funk and I didn't ask for Fine China for a wedding gift. He said we have too many dishes as it is and I will need a storage unit for my dishes alone. But, now I wish more than ever we had. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year and I don't have enough of any set to fill the table(s). So, I had to get creative. I am mix and matching sets I inherited  from 2 different grandmothers to make a perfect harvest setting.

Below I coordinated the napkin color with the largest plate, looking for the cleanest contrast with the smallest.

I really like the way the entire table came out.
There are a few things missing, like a carved turkey, and mashed potatoes, and an entire table. I have about 11 people coming over for Thanksgiving this year! The other table we have available is a round/oval table, so we are going to make a "T" with them. This is will provide plenty of room for all the delicious food, wine and love that will surely be surrounding the table this year. 

The only thing I need more of are place mats, napkin rings, and possibly silverware. Sounds like a few shopping trips to Create & Barrel and Ikea are in my future! *Heaven help me!* I might also go to GoodWill to look for a drink cart, just to place items that are taking up space on the table.

Do you have any Turkey Day tips? Please share! I need all the help I can get!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Sneak Peak

Here is a little Thanksgiving sneak peak! I am thrilled about the color pallet and I think this will be a GREAT Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for place settings and Thanksgiving traditions! I need to do a trial run, right? Of course!


Also, I am no longer unemployed effective 11/14, so I am going to have a whirlwind of a week next week, getting everything ready for guests arriving and Breaking Dawn pt. 1 coming out. 

To be completed this upcoming week:
  • Wash Windows - 5 Haboobs this year did a number on them! 
  • Misc. Gardening
  • Thanksgiving Table Trial Run
  • Wash Table Linens (after trial run)
  • Email Thanksgiving guests about attendance 
  • Deep clean bathrooms and kitchen (I won't be the only person using these spaces)
  • Grocery Shopping- Weekly and Turkey Day
  • Mail Baby gift to Emily 
  • Get work wardrobe ready
  • Buy meat thermometer at Crate and Barrel
  • Make burlap table runner
  • Research side recipes
  • Pair up dishes
  • Make Chalkboard Wine Glasses (I am a little grossed out by chalk though)
*Deep Breaths