Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To your health!

The new year fast is approaching, but I am not one to keep, or make for that matter, New Year Resolutions. We decided to jump the gun and, in a moment of feeling full of fat and grease, the Mr. and I decided to take ourselves to our local Lifetime Fitness and become members!

Now, this may be the most expensive gym in town, but I would say it is worth EVERY penny. Not only are the towels provided, but these towels are fluffy and white. Lockers are provided. Blow dryers are always available. And, dare I say it, they also provide girl products should you forget you already used the one at the bottom of your purse! And, they also provide amazing yoga classes and I promise, you can not join a Yoga Studio at this price.
We just want to feel better and have more energy. There is no reason to feel this dumpy during an AZ winter when mountains are calling our names! (and if the six pack abs come just to see the light of day, fine, they will be welcomed).
We are going to start eating healthily again and drink less alcohol. We are young, and strong, and awesome! and there is no reason we can't succeed! (Especially when my dad can run circles around us, not that he shouldn't be able to).

So, here we go, we have our sneakers on, and motivation in hand.

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