Tuesday, December 4, 2012

34 Weeks

34 Weeks
My co-worker that I mentioned in my last post had her baby this morning at 1 am. She is only 3 weeks ahead of me. If I have our Baby Haire in 3 weeks, he would be a Christmas baby.

Does it freak me out? Yes.
Does it make me excited? Yes.
Do I feel prepared? No. 

I need to pack my hospital bag... hell, I need to figure out what I need in my hospital bag. I need to rearrange the closet space in the baby's room, again. I need to pay the diaper service so they will deliver our first load of cloth diapers. But mostly, I need the baby to move his head down.

At my doctor appointment today, my doctor was surprised to feel that my little guy had not moved his head down. I am hoping his surprise came from the fact that the P.A. said his head was down (which she has told me for the last 2 weeks) and finding it slightly to the right and higher. My doctor said he should move down in the next week or so. Please baby, please get in the right position so we can do this the natural way!

I know my body is starting to prep itself for the birth of our little guy. I have been experiencing Braxton-Hicks for the last week. They were really intense over the weekend and still trickling in and out this week. The best thing to note about BH... they aren't regular. They will stop, go away, change. I have to tell myself this over and over, otherwise I would have Pat pull out his contraction-timing ap every day unnecessarily. (Isn't that neat? There is an ap for that! Couldn't be more accurate, right?)

My daily headache starts around 1 pm and I am exhausted by 2:30 pm every day. The cankles are an all day thing now. Coming from a girl that has always had bird legs, these are a strange thing to look down and see.

Speaking of cankles, Pat sprained his right ankle and has been out of work for a week now. His next doctor appointment is on Friday, so we are hoping he can get back to work on Monday and the sprain is healed. The bruising on his foot is quite gruesome, running all the way up to his toesies. I try to take care of him, but he is a guy. They are either completely pitiful (day one of the sprain) or frustratingly stubborn (the rest of his life). But, I love him all the same, and I will take care of him whenever he will let me. But honestly, this was a rough week with both of us having to elevate our legs. Who is going to cook dinner?

On a happy happy happy note: I got my Solly Baby wrap!!! It was the one thing I bought on Black Friday because they were having such a great deal! I have been practicing with my American Girl baby... not sure I have got it just yet.

Solly Baby


Craving: Fudgecicles and homemade chocolate chip cookies
Avoiding: Raw vegetables and spicy things - also, standing. 
Ailments: Headaches, body aches, daily
Sleep: Only on the weekends or if Pat sleeps on the couch
Weight: 151
Favorite thing about being pregnant: People smile at you all the time.
Least favorite thing: Not being able to breathe or catch my breath after walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.

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