Saturday, November 24, 2012

33 Weeks

I have a friend and work that is 3 weeks further along than me. She could pop at anytime now. And guess what? She still wears 3" heels to work. She has her hair done and make up on... every day. She makes this whole pregnancy thing look easy. Glamorous even. Yes, sometimes she walks out of her office and shows me the occasional swollen foot, but, that doesn't make me feel any better about my unbrushed hair in a top knot, or the bags that are getting continuously darker under my eyes that I don't even attempt to cover with makeup anymore. She is trying to make me feel better that I feel like shit and all the while she is a walking marvel!

Even though I may complain about how I look... and feel. I have this new found inner strength that comes with being a mom... Mama Bear syndrome I think they call it. I am VERY vocal about my opinions, things that do and don't affect me. I tell the Dr. what I think may be wrong with me (in which case I am usually wrong and paranoid). I have been using my horn in my car more. "Can't you see I am pregnant, idiot?" I yell at fools through my windshield. No, they can't. (Embarrassingly, I honked at an old on her scooter just 2 days ago). When people come around me and start telling me they feel like they are getting the flu, I want to fall backwards out of my chair and then karate chop them in the neck! "Can't you see I am pregnant, idiot?" I want to say. I don't.

But I think it is amazing, this new inner strength that I have found. I will do anything and everything in my power to protect my little boy. Pat is even more protective. 2 weeks ago at our monthly Dr. appointment our Physician's Assistant was showing me how to feel the baby's head. Pat immediately jumped out of his chair and wanted to be part of this party. So the PA showed him how to put his fingers around our little one's head. I am not even sure he felt it. He  is so afraid to put too much pressure on my belly that he freaks out if I push on my belly to get the beeb to move. If I am being honest, I think our little one is grateful for his protective father. After we were feeling his head, there was a HUGE swiping movement across my belly as if he were saying "Leave me alone!"

Now, we are at 33 weeks, with only 7 more to go. We have a lot on our list of things to do before the baby's grand entrance into this world. But you know what we did get done? Our maternity pictures! Here is a sneak peak in video format - created by Mrs. B. Kim herself. She will be blogging about it, when she gets some time away from her school graduation, and upcoming trip to New York. (Doesn't she rock?) Anyway, enjoy.

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dsmdiggler said...

Bri did an amazing job!