Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Is time on my side?

At the beginning of our pregnancy, time wouldn't go fast enough. There were always things to look forward to: the first ultrasound, surviving the first trimester, finding out the gender, first movements to be felt, and the baby shower. These important events could not come quickly enough for us.

Well, we have hit all those landmarks, and the baby shower is this weekend. Now, with only 15 more weeks until we meet our baby boy, the next thing to look forward to is the maternity photo shoot, setting up the nursery, and finally, having the baby.

To be quite honest, I am terrified to go from two to three in our family. Pat and I work quite well with just the two of us. Our communication skills are impeccable and we have a lot of the same goals and ideas about what we want our life to be.

About 8 months ago we decided that path we wanted to travel down was the path of parents. But now, with our due date sneaking up on us, I am trying to slow things down a little. I want to savor every last moment I have where it is just me and him. Where we have time to look into each others eyes in bed on weekend mornings. Where we stay up late and watch Harry Potter until we fall asleep on the couch. Where we have no other responsibility but ourselves. (and of course all of Pat's to-do lists).

Will we remember what these moments feel like?

These next 15 weeks are going to fly by. These upcoming days, along with prepping for our little guy, Pat and I are going to refocus on us because we are the core of this family. We need to ensure our strength in our relationship will remain strong enough to support the addition of one! (I am confident it is).

Here I am at 25 weeks in my autumnal garb.


Craving: Cinnamon Rolls
Avoiding: Raw bell peppers and raw onions
Ailments: Heartburn & migraines
Sleep: Not much
Weight: 135 (still)
Favorite thing about being pregnant: Feeling our wee one move with excitement when he hears Pat arrive home.
Least favorite thing: Not being able to sleep through the night because of the constant night time bathroom trips, and difficulty rolling over.

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Emily Waugh said...

Oh my goodness friend! You are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen! I was really feeling for you with your last post, but now I officially think you're full of it. :p No - I do feel for you and understand how hard it can be to accept the changes in your body - but PLEASE try to believe that you are STUNNING.

To the point of this particular post, it definitely will change the dynamic between you and Pat - and parts of that will be difficult - but I promise you, more than anything, it will knit you together even further. Looking at this amazing human being that you created together is unlike anything. You will have to work harder to make time for each other, but even the time that you get to spend laying in bed on the weekends with the addition of a squishy baby will be priceless.
I love you so much and I'm SO excited for you and Pat! I can't wait to meet your little man!