Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Changing Body

I remember at one point in my life saying "I can't wait to be pregnant and have that giant belly!" and "Pregnancy is beautiful." Well, insert foot in mouth. I don't think I am physically cut out for this pregnancy thing, and truthfully, I don't think I have been any uglier.When we got pregnant I weighed 120. The addition of this mis-proportioned weight is really starting to take its toll on my body and therefore zapping me of all energy.

Please don't mistake me. I am very excited about meeting our baby boy and I am thrilled with everything our future holds... even the teenage years. And I DO love feeling him move around inside me. In fact, I can't wait for when he will do it more regularly... however, I am sure I will be eating those words as well.

Last week my back pain was nearly unbearable. My pelvis and back were not in line I am sure of it. My pelvis was more like in my hip and the pain in my hips made me long for a girdle, just to put things back in place, for an hour, that's all I ask. I wear my chacos as much as I can because they have GREAT arch support. I slip them on while cooking and if I have to run errands. But, people in AZ don't realize how AWESOME they are, so I reserve wearing them for myself only. Usually.

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Pictured with Big Toe Straps tucked under socks... that is even too much for me. Yikes. 
As for my belly, I do like that. (Minus the addition of the dark hair that has taken over my "happy trail"). I don't have to worry about my shirt being too tight and showing that I just had a large lunch. No, I get to look like that all day... and I get to relax. No more sucking in! I just didn't realize that my uterus itself would be so uncomfortable. Anytime I move a direction it doesn't like, or stand up too quickly, I feel like my insides are tearing into pieces. Ligament pains I am told.

Sorry for the REALLY bad cell pic. Really bad. 
And today, today I came home sick with some stomach thing that has been going on for 2 days now. The fear of things affecting our baby consumes me. This whole listeria thing REALLY freaks me out. Now that my stomach has been icky, and my body is achy, I have to think back to everything I have eaten and if I went out of the "Safe Foods" zone. Thank goodness I haven't.

I am still waiting for that "great hair" everyone talks about that happens during pregnancy. My hair is the worst it has ever been. Maybe it is the opposite with me. It is heavy and blah. All I can do with it is wear it wet on the way to work, pray the AZ heat zaps it of all its moisture before arriving at the office, and then put it in a top knot or French-braid by the end of the day. I am not exaggerating here... it is really bad. I have actually considered wearing my blonde Halloween wig that I pulled out of the closet last week. Also, I do not wear make-up anymore. I have barely enough energy to swing my legs out of bed in the morning and put my contacts in. Make-up is just 1 step too far during the week. I always promised myself I would never French-braid my hair and not wear make-up while pregnant. I promised myself that looking good would still be a priority. Well, here I am people... full of lies.

My yabos are definitely getting bigger, and for a girl with too big of yabos as it is, I am starting to get the upper back pain. I am finally accepting the fact that I need to get a bigger bra. But then there is that challenge. I REALLY hate bra shopping. Nothing makes me crankier. So. I decided not to bra shop and just pick 2 bras up on Zulily, my new favorite place to shop, from my couch. From everything I have read, "they" say to forgo regular "fashion" bras and go on ahead and get the nursing bras. So, that is what I did. In all truth, these bras have more lace on them than my current ones. (is this concerning to anyone else?) I have also read that my rib cage is going to expand 2"+ during my pregnancy, so I went 1 size up all together. If they don't work, well... I will staple them until they do. Because they will work.

My rump seems to be growing too, but not in a good way, not in the perky young butt way. I seem to be getting that "mom-butt" thing... but I get I am in "mom" territory now. I just need to start wearing the Levis 550s and I will be looking mighty sexay. My thighs are following suit. It's all one nice saddle bag package.
I have only gained about 15 lbs. Let's see where the rest of the weight is going to go in the next 3 months and how I will feel then.

I should say that is my perspective on my changing body. Pat sees a completely different image. He looks like there is light from heaven shining on my growing belly every time he sees it. Every morning he asks if it has grown and how IT is doing. He is mystified by the belly and doesn't seem to notice any other strange bumps that are starting to form on my behind body. And that is why he is a great husband. I can be ugly as sin and he would still say that my elbows look lovely. Or something along those lines.

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bri kim said...

Em, I love you and you are beautiful...even if youre always tired now haha. Your honesty in this post is just an example of why I am so thankful you are my friend :)