Tuesday, December 11, 2012

35 Weeks

I don't really feel like blogging today, but if I move from this spot I might just lose it.

I am certain that this baby is coming early. There is no way he is waiting the full 40 weeks. I am thinking he will come the weekend after Christmas. There is a full moon that weekend. Doesn't that make babies come? I saw it in a movie that the full moon makes women go into labor. Stay tuned.


Craving: Sugar cookies with icing
Avoiding: Thinking 
Ailments: Emotions
Sleep: Actually getting some, as long as I cut back on the liquid intake around 5 o'clock.
Weight: Haven't weighed myself... 
Favorite thing about being pregnant: Possibly getting out of jury duty tomorrow. Seriously, I have jury duty tomorrow. 
Least favorite thing: Emotions. 

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