Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's get real.

When I first started this blog, it was a place for me to post wedding stuff. Then we were married and it transitioned into something new. A Newly Wed Blog. I am realizing that I have not posted much about the newly wed things. I guess because as they are happening, I think they are just part of the relationship that has been going for 3+ years, not the first year married. But, last night I realized it may be just that. Newly Wed Drama.
I guess drama is not the correct word and we are definitely not fighting, fighting is a way of the past, but we are having some struggles. So, let's say newly wed struggles.
(Let me preface this blog with saying we are not in any sort of financial troubles.)
Money is the number one thing people warned us about prior to tying the knot. "It's the number 1 cause of divorce," people would say. Perhaps it is my newly wed syndrome, but I highly doubt money will ever be a big enough factor to tear us apart.... but why take the risk? This is the one thing we can REALLY control in our lives. Now is the time to take control and be smart about it. 
Four months after the wedding, when I was unemployed, Pat and I took another leap of faith and finally decided to get a joint bank account. We needed to keep all eyes on our finances at that time so we didn't dig ourselves in a hole. We did an amazing job and still lived fairly comfortably on one salary. We ate at home every night and Pat took his lunch to work every day. But, fortunately, we only had to live on one salary for a month. The joint account was a necessity at the time, and it is very convenient now that we aren't transferring money  for every bill or grocery trip. However, now we have really taken on bills as a household rather than as an individual. This has taken some serious finesse and several excel spread sheets.
It is really remarkable when we have more money than we have ever had because of our joint account, but the stress of money seems inescapable! A constant weight on us. It has been especially difficult because we have had Casa de Haire be more like Hotel de Haire since Thanksgiving. In turn, the alcohol, entertainment, gas budget has increased by 100%. We love hosting people, and entertaining a lot, so we had to figure something out.
In a bout of frustration last night, Pat and I decided we were going to revisit our budget and get our shit back on track. No more shopping at Trader Joes (except for select items), no more lunches out and less booze. These are really the only thing we can cut back on because we don't have cable to cancel, I don't have a car payment and we only drive to work and back really. We paid off our biggest chunk of debt last month and things are definitely going in the right direction now. (New car here I come... soon)

So, tonight, we are taking a much needed mini vacay from Casa de Haire and heading down to Tucson to visit the MIL and have some Man vs. Food eats and a good time. Then tomorrow, it is back to work on the house because our next guests are arriving on Friday!

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