Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I saved that weed for you

Recently I read an article on Yahoo! about “The 9 Secrets of Happy Couples” and one of the 9 points was about spending time together. Pat and I definitely do that, even if it means doing chores together. Last weekend we conquered the back yard. We fertilized the queen palm trees, re-planted the agave, mowed the yard and then we started weeding. Pat followed me with a little garbage can while I pulled the weeds. Then he jumped in and started pulling them too! We got to the northwest section of the pool were there were a plethora of dandelion like weeds. Pat turned around to me and said "I saved that weed for you. I knew you would want to pull it." It was the biggest weed of them all! Damn right I want to pull it and he knew that!
Is it a married couple thing that we find such happiness in chores? Or, is it a healthy couple thing? Regardless, I am thrilled to know that even when we aren't having fun out on the town, we are still able to enjoy each other and find the little things to make each other happy. Like saving the biggest weed! Or waiting at the door when the other arrives home from work. (Confession: I have been slacking on that lately, but am realizing the error of my ways).

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Emily Waugh said...

Justin and I pump the dance tunes while we clean the house and see who can make the other one crack a laugh first with our ridiculous moves. :) Marriage is grand. :)