Monday, March 12, 2012

Girl, you salty

Another newly wed happening happened tonight. Now usually I think I am a good-enough cook, but recently my cooking has been garbage! Garbage I tell you! Tonight was no exception.
It was my intent to make a left over bratwurst, broccoli and quinoa with curry dish. Sounds pretty amazing right? And how good of me to be using left overs, right? Right.

Well, if you have ever made quinoa you know you should cook it in a stock of some sort, so I did... But I doubled up on the bouillon cubes because they were borrowed cubes and I did not have the box to tell me the water to bouillon cube ratio. And, again, if you have cooked quinoa before, you don't taste it till it is done cooking and the germ has come out.

So, unknowingly I dished my seemingly delicious dish and to the dining table we went. First bite I said "geeze, that is a little salty." Another few bites and I felt like the first time I went to the ocean and was pummeled by waves. Gag reflex set in and dinner was done for me. Pat, being the sweet husband he is, told me it was really good and finished his. This was saltier than two Ramen Noodle packets in one pack of noodles. Torture nearly. And this coming from a girl who claims to love salt and has a serious addiction to sunflower seeds.

I boiled an egg for dinner and I didn't even have to salt it, salt still very prevalent in my system.

I do, however, think this could be a delish meal if made properly. Stay tuned and I will let you know.


aki! said...

I don't think that's the sign of a bad cook. It's just an unfortunate lack of directions on the box. A mistake anyone could make!

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Emmy Kim said...

Thanks! I felt so ashamed last night! ha! At least we can laugh about it, right?

Emily Waugh said...

don't worry about it Em! I have made some seriously rubbish meals for Justin over the past couple years! I used to consider myself a decent coo, too. Maybe it's something about the first years of marriage that destines us to make some completely inedible meals so we can have funny stories later in life. :)

Emmy Kim said...

Well that gives me hope 'cause I know you are a good cook! Better meals are on my horizon!