Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I take my coffee

I have discovered that there is only one thing better than a man that will bring you coffee in bed and that is a man that knows how you take your coffee and bring it to you in bed... with a maple doughnut warmed in the microwave. He tries to sneak in the room (which he rarely succeeds at) and tries to quietly wake me. I usually keep my eyes closed until I hear him say "Babe, it's after eight."
That is what I experienced this morning, and I usually experience it every weekend. That is how I know Pat will always show me, in one way or another, how he loves me. I hope I do the same for him.

Emily's Coffee:
Splash of Cream
Teaspoon of Sugar
Add coffee
Dash of Cinnamon on top

Best served in bed or front room.

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