Friday, December 2, 2011

Letting Go

This year I let go of stressing over my blog... my old blog. With everything else going on in our lives , I always felt I was falling behind, I was never creative enough, I never had enough followers, and I never did enough DIY for the sake of the title. It was too much pressure.
That is when I developed my Tumblr from the advice of my brother Jake's Lauren and everything seemed to be okay again. I was able to be sporadic with my thoughts, and creative ideas, and if and when I did post, on either blog, it was a good place to showcase it. It also was a place to be inspired, even if it was just looking at pretty pictures! Beauty is inspiring.
That was when I realized I was blogging for me, not to get followers, but to just have a hobby. I place to focus myself in my home life when everything else can be so... cray cray!
I feel much more at peace after letting go. I no longer feel obligated, but HAPPY, to blog!


Lauren said...

I'm famous on your blog now! ;-)

Emmy Kim said...

As you should be! I always give credit where credit is due! :)