Sunday, December 4, 2011


It was strange when I read this post prompt on Reverb11on Saturday morning. I was laying in bed surfin' the web on my Kindle Fire thinking about getting healthy again. And there it was, the question of ambitions. So, I would say, truly my ambition is to be healthy again and forevermore. To be vegetarian again, and to eat less corn... (basically all processed foods).
As I said last week, Pat and I got our new Lifetime membership and are getting on the right track physically (I am so looking forward to getting back into yoga practice), but there are so many other aspects of health that I would like to focus on as well. My mental health is of concern most days. I am finding that I get cranky at the drop of a hat, or super emotional. When this started happening I had to think back to a year ago when I was happiest. I was mostly vegan, (I love cheese) and I understood what I was putting in my body. This may sound crazy, but when I knew what I was eating was good for me, and I knew exactly what it was doing for me nutritionally, it almost felt spiritual. The connection to the food and knowing where it came from.
Since then I have most certainly slipped, meat is a main course again at our house and I even ate McDonald's a few times, which I could nearly throw up at the thought today.
I knew I needed something to set me straight again. I thought about reading Skinny Bitch for the second time, but I thought I needed something new. This morning I watched Food, Inc. It was not surprising, but I was still shocked. There are a few other documentaries available, but this one may have done it's job. I don't need to see the animal cruelty to know that it is prevalent in mass production. So, back to Sprouts and Farmer's Markets for us.
So, here is to us, being happy, healthy, and in love! I am so ready for 2012!


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