Friday, June 21, 2013

a mom's style

Gone are the days of the high-waisted, mom butt jeans... and if you do see a mom wearing them, well they are probably vintage 501 Levis and she is probably a hipster. Being a mom does not immediately turn you into a frumpy, short-haired, floral mu-mu wearing woman anymore!

We moms are hanging onto our youth! We are hanging onto our glory! I can empathize with the high-waisted  jeans... they feel like they hold you in... hold you together after having a baby and a VERY squishy belly. But 501s are not for me. I have a different kind of style.

But now I am trying to define that style.

Immediately postpartum I was VERY aware of the yoga pant uniform that many suburban mothers don. It really did feel like getting dressed most days. But, I wasn't going out into public. I was held up in my little house with a crying baby that would most likely spit up, explode on, etc. all over my dark yoga pants. And guess what? That was fine! It was part of my mom badge.

Now that we are going out in public more, I am finding it hard to dress the person I have become and the new body I have. Monday - Thursday I am fortunate to work in a VERY casual office. It isn't a rarity to find all the people in my department in a T-shirt and jeans. But we often wear fun sandals to counteract the casual. Because the dress code is so lax, I, too, find myself being lax. I put VERY little effort into what I wear, or how I do my hair. Let's be honest, getting ready in the morning is no longer a priority. Sleep is.

I can't think of the last time I straightened my own hair. My hair is the longest it has been in YEARS and it is constantly curly frizzy now.

Friday - Sunday I am home with my family and often don't venture out into the world. My yoga pant uniform is back in full swing. It's too hot to take my little guy to do anything fun outdoors. Anything indoors cost $$$. So, why dirty a pair of jeans that I can wear during the week?

NO! This is the wrong mentality! This is how we slip into frumpy mom-dum! I won't allow it! So what is the plan? What am I going to do about it? Well, I am shopping for staple pieces that are kid friendly and mother approved.

I am now bending over in public to pick up Bear, change his diaper in my backseat, pick up dropped nuk nuks while he is in my arms. My shorty shorts and jumpers are out of the question. My baby is getting heavier and grabbier, strapless dresses and tube-tops are also a no-go. Oh, and I nurse too. So I have to plan for that too! Boobie convenience. It's a thing. (And not in the strapless tube-top kinda way).

So, I have started pinning more for ideas! Here's my board - "Fashion-Able" because even though I am a mom, it's still possible to dress well and look put together. Wish me luck!

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