Monday, January 16, 2012

Our new spot...

My dear sweet parents bought the Mr. and I a wine club membership to a local Wine Bar just a few miles away, Vine Expressions. The first time I visited this little spot was with my parents and I could not wait to share the awesome experience with Pat! The guy that helped us each time was VERY knowledgeable and allowed us to try some wines before we made decisions on buying bottles or drinking by the glass.

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The atmosphere is pretty great, couches galore that create little semi private living rooms suitable for large groups or couples. The coffee tables offer reading materials and snugly blankets if you like (I have not used them... kind of freaks me out). The outdoor space is very nice with gas fueled fire pits and cozy seating too!
The wine selection is wonderful, they feature AZ wines too, but I have not had the opportunity to try one yet.

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The food there, from what we have had (CHEESE) is good. We did order the Italian Flatbread, and well, not anything to write home about. The the "flatbread" was whole wheat... which was strange, because if we are drinking wine in excess and eating massive amounts of cheese, health is not at the forefront of my mind.

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The last time we went we were more than a little disappointed with the slow service. I think if we had ordered a bottle of wine, and enough cheese with extra bread, we wouldn't have even noticed the lack of attention we were receiving because the live music was wonderful.

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We left a little cranky, but I know we will be happy to go back and give it a go for a 4th (or is it 5th?) time.
I would recommend checking it out, but don't go with expectations of a fast meal, go to take your time, relax and buy a bottle!


RaykConen said...

Did you get a menu of their wine list?
I tried searching for the web site. All I got was an ERROR 404!
I would like to know what Arizona wines they have.

Emmy Kim said...

No, I didn't. They don't have any take-away menus otherwise I would have. I never tried their AZ wines either! Sorry I am not much help. It does look like their website is up and running now. Check out this link!