Friday, January 27, 2012

Le Pergola!

Day One:

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Hole Digging
Mr. Haire wins an award (to be determined) for digging these holes on his own. They are 2 feet deep and that is AZ soil you see. Basically concrete. 

Posts are in! 

(note: my cement carving did not last the next morning)

Day Two: The Dudes Arrive
Tools with Coffee...


These guys rocked that pergola. Pat almost lost a thumb to Richie's drill, but there was nothing but laughter, advice and good ol' chummin' that happens when hungover guys start on a project together.

Working hard for their beer
Mad props to Jackie and Megs for coming over and helping me make MASSIVE sandwiches for the guys, and helping me supervise and drink some booze. 'Cuz that's what you do on a Saturday afternoon at the Casa de Haire. 

Tools with Beer...

I am so thankful to have friends that will come over, kick some major lumber ace for a sandwich and beer. I hope we can repay everyone that helped with a similar act of kindness! Watts, your next!


AveMangGeezy$$ said...

Awesome job, guys! Nice summary, Em. You have a real talent here :)

Joemama said...

Looking good, Can't wait to see it all finished.

bri kim said...

looks so amazing. Can't wait to come over and check it out!