Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Longer Waiting...

I feel like we wandered into this new year, hoping for everything to change for the better. This includes our quality of life, reaching our goals, creating new goals, improving relationships with each other and our friends & family and everything in between. When we entered with all these hopes and dreams, we realized the only way to reach them is to stop waiting for them to happen and start making it happen ourselves! If people join in and help along the way, great!
So, to get to the point, we love to spend time outside, however, in the summer, the brutal AZ sun can prevent that from happening... unless you prune up in the pool the entire day slathering on SPF 90 and drinking cervezas (that actually doesn't sound so bad right about now she says at 9:19 am). So what are we going to do about that? How are we going to improve our quality of life? We are building a pergola this weekend and expand our living space 10x12 feet! We have been talking about this for over a year now... since we have moved into Casa de Haire really. So, finally, we jumped in feet first and started the project! Lumber was purchased, holes were dug and we already have the way too tall posts cemented in the ground. We are rounding up the troops to complete it this afternoon! Hopefully these tough dudes have it completed in enough time to enjoy the shade it will be creating, and maybe a celebration beer or two.

For right now though, I will share this little gem. It will be covered eventually I am sure, but we will always know it is there.

(note: this was destroyed the next morning by one Joe Watt. Thanks.)

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