Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're Pregnant

We found out the news that we are pregnant a few months ago. But, we were holding in the news until we were safely past the 12 week mark... today we are 16.5 weeks pregnant! And it is a mere 19 days until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl beeb... The reason I haven't blogged about it isn't because I have been praying to the porcelain gods due to morning sickness, and it isn't because I am sleeping all the time (although I have been doing plenty of that). It's because I was waiting to do a preggo photo shoot with my very good friend Bri and use the stellar photos to announce the pregnancy. But, comic-con got in the way, then there was a sinus infection, visitors, and the need to do a puzzle in my undies (don't ask). So, I have decided to go ahead and blog about it. Officially.If you follow me on Twitter or IG, you probably already know, but stay tuned for some shameless cellphone photos.

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Normally I don't like looking at other people's ultrasound pictures. They freak me out mostly. But this isn't other people's ultrasound pictures, this is MY ultrasound picture, and quite frankly, I think it is adorable. This is our ultrasound at 12 weeks. Still a little bean but we could see some definition! It actually looks like a baby! (In the first ultrasound, the beeb looked like an astronaut! You could still see the yolk sack, which acted as an astronaut helmet.) Pat was able to come with me to the 2nd and it was amazing watching him. He picked out the heartbeat before the Ultrasound tech could get a word in. He stood at the end of the bed and held onto my foot, squeezing it  with excitement occasionally.

My belly is popping out finally, but still mostly looks like a drink too much wine (which, to be clear, has ceased completely).


July 12th was the first day I wore maternity clothes officially, the day before my birthday! The dress is from Old Navy and I wish they had it in every color so I could wear one every day! It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I have right now. It goes to my ankles, which I think will come in handy when I am no longer able to shave my legs because of protruding belly. Who am I kidding? I never shave my legs anyway. Maxi dresses to the rescue!


Today: I am looking super pregnant, but, I am not going to lie... that could be a little bit of pizza bloat. But, I am getting bigger and bigger every day. These are the only pants that I can still fit into. And on another note, it is VERY difficult to take self-baby bump pictures. Mad props to Melissa who makes it looks so effortless!
I asked Pat to take my photo today too. I wanted to have my top knot in the picture because it is totally rockin'. Second day curly hair, if prepared right, is the best way to do a top knot.


Still garbage! Look at my posture... I will get better about this! And hopefully, when Bri and I are able to do our photo shoot, and hopefully video (check out this dope piece of work), I will have the poses down and have the posture of a lady!


Brittany LeSueur said...

You are so gorgeous!! Like seriously the most perfect pregnant woman I have ever seen! Congrats!! I am so happy for you two. Being a mom is the best

Emmy Kim said...

Thank you Brittany! I am looking forward to the mom part!

bri kim said...

Ah you are too stinking cute! Must get on Project: Emily Being Pregnant Asap!!
And thanks for all the shout outs, your such a pal!

Emmy Kim said...

Thanks MBK!