Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Smile Darn Ya Smile!

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.” ― Janet Lane

This idea goes hand in hand with being able to change our moods because we are absolutely in control of our thoughts, feelings and in turn, our mood. When I was in high school I came into my drama class pissed off at the world and another student said, "If you are aware of the situation, change it." I don't know where he heard that from, or if it was an original thought, but it is always something that has stuck with me. Now, whether or not I can quickly change my mood is another thing. But, because he said this, I take ownership of my mood, good or bad.

I also believe moods are like chalk on chalkboard, they easily can rub off on others. Your tears can easily become another's tears, laughter is contagious and smiles rub off on others too.

Because of this, I have been trying to be aware of my mood, or at least my expression, and how it rubs off on others. A smile goes a long way! If I am feeling absolutely down in the dumps I am careful not to put that on the outside. People are dealing with their own lives. I don't know what news they woke up with. But! If I can send out a smile their way, and that person smiles back, maybe I made a difference for a moment of someone's rough day.

So, perhaps you should test this out too. Give a stranger a smile and maybe you will brighten their day! 


Ro said...

I needed to hear this! I've been in a mopey mood lately... and.. well... I knew I was mopey, but did nothing about it. My bad. Turning on the smiles and moving past it now :)

Emmy Kim said...

:) glad to have lifted your spirits! Have a great weekend!