Thursday, July 2, 2015

Needing a rest

You know that scene in the movies where an over worked mom disappears from her family and sleeps in a hotel, wakes up and calls the front desk only to learn she has been sleeping for like 10 days. Ya. I need that kind of rest. I worked from home today, and decided to take a short cat nap. I set my alarm for a half hour and crashed. HARD. I am still waking while typing this because I needed something to get my brain going.

I am working on recovering from this week. From this month.... from this year maybe. Yesterday was the hardest. It was an awful, no good, very bad day. The kind where even my sweet husband needed to step back and look at me. I lost control of my emotions. I lost control of my life. I hope to look back on yesterday and say how trivial it all was. That it wasn't as bad as it seemed.... but for now, I want to forget it. Sweep it under a rug and hope to never notice the bulge of the mess that I was yesterday.

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