Monday, June 29, 2015

Nesting without a home

Perhaps another thing that has called be back to this space is the inability to nest. I have nowhere to nest at this point. If anything, I would like to use this urge to clean and pack, but my body has major limits as to what I can do this time around. Chasing my toddler is about the most I can do physically, and even that can put me horizontal for the evening.

I don't remember the nesting tendencies hitting me this hard with my first pregnancy, but that could be because I was able to do it. I was able to create a nursery. I was able to wash baby clothes and create a space to bring my baby boy home.

Currently, I have a void.

I am longing to do all sorts of things. I want to craft. I want to crochet. I want to bake - ya, I said it. Me. Bake. What??? I told my Mister tonight that I wanted to take a baking class so I could be better at rolling out dough. *Self discovery - I don't tackle many baking projects because of the rolling of dough issue.

It doesn't look like I will be nesting in a permanent location any time soon either. We have one house to see tomorrow, and if that doesn't pan out well, we will start looking at short term rentals. I have come to terms with this and will still make this temporary house a home for all my guys,

Meanwhile, I will be on Pinterest pinning EVERY pin that has to do with living rooms and bathrooms. See you there!

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