Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidents Day 2015

It was just me and Bear this Monday holiday. I decided we should indulge in a slow morning, where I enjoyed my first cup of coffee in nine weeks, made us toast, twice, and stayed in our jammies until ten am. It was lovely.

With lunch and nap time encroaching, I thought it would be an adventure to hit a new (read: new to me) local nursery for some organic vegetable seeds. For a good twenty minutes Bear explored the nursery and his voice. He said "hi" to other patrons and  loved the fluorescent wind flowers. 

I decided it was time to get down to business, which meant wrangling my two  year old under my arm and locating the organic seed section. I also pulled my crumpled list of Arizona Gardening Guide out of my back pocket that tells me when I should plant seeds or transplants and what is appropriate for mid-February.

Well, between juggling the list and a cranky toddler, I grabbed what I could see that was on my list and headed for the cashier. Do subdue my boy, I pulled one of the fluorescent wind flowers out of a pot and handed it to him. It worked. For about 10 seconds. 

Anyway, fast forward to naptime, I was able to till up my raised garden and discovered a few happy surprises. During my first observation I saw carrot sprouts nowhere near where I had ever planted carrots before. My compost carrots had sprouted! Not sure how they will do, but I moved them to a new location to see how they progress. After that, I dug up the soil turning the old and exposed into new moist growing grounds. And there were worms! I didn't even know Arizona had worms! Worms are exceptional for gardens, they fertilize and airrate the soil! Needless to say, I'm pleased as punch. 

Today I planted tomato seeds, green onions, peas, and if one dares to count it, carrots! I have cantaloupe and watermelon seeds waiting for their debut, but I need to do a little more homework on how best to plant these apparently fragile vines. 

Now, we wait. 

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