Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Root of Us

It's been a while. In this while, I have been on a wandering path. There are so many things to talk to- to explore, but the most important at this point is food. It is the root of our well being.

In several heartfelt emails to one of my longtime friends, I have shared that, in food I find spirituality. I have thought about starting a new blog based around this. On my passion for healthy, organic, non-gmo foods. I thought if I could start a new blog, in a new space, I would be able to effect more people. Educate more people. Help more people. But then I realized: I don't blog to educate, I blog to explore and learn. The people that I need to help are my family - the people I feed. If people pass through this space and pick up a little bit of passion about what they are putting in their bodies, then I think great. If no one reads this, or is effected by it, that is great too. I am doing my due diligence as a mother, wife, and friend to provide what I believe to be a healthy life to my kin. 

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen this coming. I have been on a local organic kick and I think everyone should join me! I don't want to be political or overly passionate, but I think it is important and something our generation should not take lightly.

Becoming a mother, and feeding my infant (now toddler) son is what brought a lot of this to light in me. Yes, years ago I read Skinny Bitch and - while I thought it was eye opening - I didn't stick with it.  When I started to think about what I was putting in my son's body, I knew it was my responsibility to give him the best. I also needed to be an example. So I blended and mashed and blended and mashed. He finally can chew stuff without his gag reflex kicking in and we get to try all sorts of fun foods. He often eats what we eat, and 90% of the time it is organic. 

I know he will experience Halloween candy, and Dairy Queen Blizzards, and Gatorade at sporting events, and I might even be the one who introduces him to these things. But the important this is  I am starting the foundation of a healthy life in a healthy home. I don't want to hyper-parent him into gorging and binging on sweets when he is at a friend's house, but I do want him to know what is and isn't good for him. I want him to be able to make good decisions for himself when I am not around. Educating him, and the rest of my family is my goal and duty.  


There is much to discuss on this topic - and I will for certain. But in the meanwhile, I encourage anyone who reads this to start thinking about what you are eating. If it turns out that processed, Genetically Modified Organisms are good for us, then I will happily eat crow and jump on the McDonalds bandwagon.

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